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CFIR Version 1

This page shows the CFIR taxonomy which consists of five domains (e.g., Intervention Source) and 39 constructs. Click on any domain or construct to view current definitions, rationale, and tips for applying. Click on the Discussion tab to contribute comments about the CFIR's overall structure. Click on the discussion tab within a construct to contribute to dicussions regarding individual constructs. This latter set of contributions are what we believe will be most fruitful and where the majority of lively discussions will be focused.

Intervention Characteristics

Outer Setting

Inner Setting

  1. Tension for Change
  2. Compatibility
  3. Relative Priority
  4. Organizational Incentives & Rewards
  5. Goals & Feedback
  6. Learning Climate
  1. Leadership Engagement
  2. Available Resources
  3. Access to Knowledge & Information

Characteristics of Individuals


  1. Opinion Leaders
  2. Formally Appointed Internal Implementation Leaders
  3. Champions
  4. External Change Agents
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